Daniel Gilson was Abraham Walker's student from 2013-2014.

Not much is known about his early life other than he moved near Garner, North Carolina when he was a kid.

Dark Forces Edit

In 2013 he enlisted into the Dark Force and was transferred to Tulare County where he would end up becoming Abraham's student. Him and Abraham got off on a rocky start but later were able to start getting along, later in 2013, Cop and Abraham were later able to track down Azrael and helped in his presumed death before remerging in late 2016. Cop was promoted and spend the rest of the year serving the city. In early 2014, Nicholas Reeves ended up transferring Cop to Denver, Colorado for unknown reasons where he would take on high profile cases.

Bunny Bust Edit

In mid 2015, Cop got his first student. Cop and his partner were involved in a high profile drug bust where he ended up killing the dealer which later would end with the execution of his partner. He would eventually start looking for new partners but was unable to until the final person he looked for. He would eventually form a close bond with his partner until he was kidnapped and it was revealed he was a mole planted by Dieter, the dealers brother who Cop had killed and who was out for revenge, to find out who was the operating director in the region but was unable to do so. After hours of grueling torture Cop escaped and killed his partner and would eventually also be able to kill Dieter and avenge his fallen partner.

Aftermath Edit

After Cop had killed Dieter, he was contacted by his old partner Abraham to help in arresting Manuel and Jose of the DeSantos Cartel back in California. After helping Abraham, Cop went back to Colorado to report to his boss and shortly there after ended up quitting the force, going AWOL. His current whereabouts are unknown.